Housses de selle éco-responsable

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Un graphiste vérifiera et adaptera gratuitement votre fichier si besoin… Nous vous enverrons un aperçu, un BAT à nous valider avant impression !

A bike seat cover is an essential item for any cyclist! Protect your bicycle saddle from weather conditions and from general wear and tear. Made from a combination of recycled and new PVC, iBizprint’s
Housses de selle éco-responsable is both a practical and environmentally sound choice. With a selection of 20 vibrant colours and a hidden elastic band, it has a modern and tidy appearance, with an imprint area to personalise. Each cover has a cardboard sheet on the inside to prevent it from wrinkling and to prolong its crisp finish.

*NOTE: Most modern road and MTB bikes have a standard size of 27mm therefore this product is compatible with most bicycles.*


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